Welcome to Jewish Conversion Support

This website is designed to support those who are interested in conversion, planning to convert, or are already Jewish converts. We welcome converts from every sect of Judaism, but especially from the Reform, Reconstructionist and Conservative views.

Updated:  07/28/2018

Unfortunately we had to revamp the forum due to spam abuse.  It had many nice topics on there and it was a shame.  You will have to re-register and go through one extra step by contacting me to post on the forum.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

It may not be Kosher, but our site now mobile device friendly and easy to view from your ipad, iphone, or android!

Our mission is to provide Jewish converts with emotional, informational, and general support.

  • To welcome the opinions of potential Jewish Converts, Jews by Choice, interfaith couples, gay and lesbian and Jews by Birth.
  • To fulfill the mitzvah of Keruv, which means “the drawing near to those who are far.” as an extension of my own synagogue outreach program.
  • Jewish Conversion Support is an on-line support group designed to support and answer questions for potential Jews-by-Choice, those considering Judaism, those who are in the conversion process or who have already converted.
  • Jewish Conversion Support Has a Zero Tolerance Policy for Anti-Semitic commentary or rhetoric; proselytizing for other religions (including all forms of Messianic Judaism) or a particular Jewish movement; personal insults or threats.  We ask that all who post respect these rules.  Failure to comply with them may result in a member being temporarily or permanently banned from participation on the website.
  • The purpose of this site is not to proselytize, but to provide support and information for those who may be interested in Judaism.
  • Topics in the forum are to be confined to those regarding Judaism and Jewish conversion.  No soliciting! 
  • This in not a site to provide on-line conversions.