About Us

This website is created by a Reform Jew by Choice. I personally have found it difficult to find a website which is guided by a liberal Jew and allows us to speak freely. I would like to provide an opportunity for all Jews by Choice, potential converts, and Jews By Birth from all groups to have a voice.

This website is very new, just developed on March 27, 2011.  It continues to be a work in progress.  I am very open to suggestions and will continue to work on building it day by day.

I have been a Jew by Choice for over 6 years now.  I found the lack of on-line support amazing.  What few sites that are out there seem to be run by the Orthodox or the nearly Orthodox, right wing Traditional Conservative.   Many who run these sites live in all Jewish communities.  Most of us do not have the opportunity to live in an all Jewish neighborhood, where it is easy to buy Kosher products and never work on Shabbat.  I believe this makes things more difficult for converts who are joining a minority.  I designed this site from a more Reform and Conservative point of view.

During the time I converted and after I converted I have experienced the great feeling of being part of my Jewish community, wonderful Rabbis and a Cantor to learn from, and many books and films as resources.  I have also experienced being called a "Goy Convert", having my opinion minimized by those who think because they belong to a different Jewish sect they are better than me, seen people who lurk on the support sites because they are afraid to post anything, and generally seen Reform Jewish Converts being considered less than Jewish.  I wanted a website where those of us could speak freely.

I became tired of the near censorship and felt we all deserve a website that has a more caring and open approach.  I want to make the world a better place starting here.

Conversion is not an easy process.  I've been there from the fearful visit to a Rabbi to the Mikvah.  I've been through the Beit Din (Jewish court) questions.  I hope to help other people become Jewish as I feel I am. It is my hope to develop this website into something more some day.

Also feel free to provide me with articles you would like to see published.  Send an email through "Contact Us" and I will get it.