I am starting a book list, if you have additional recommended books please feel free to email me at esther@jewishconversionsupport.com

Learning The Basics:

Essential Judaism:  A Complete Guide to Beliefs, Customs, and Rituals, by George Robinson

Jewish Literacy,  by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

Settings of Silver:  An Introduction to Judaism, by Stephen M. Wylen

What is a Jew: A Guide to the Beliefs, Traditions and Practices of Judaism That Answers Questions for Both Jew and Non-Jew, by Rabbi Morris N. Kertzer 

Finding God, by Rifat Sonsino and Daniel B. Syme

Living A Jewish Life:  Jewish Traditions, Customs, and Values for Today's Families, by Anita Diamant

Choosing A Jewish Life:  A Handbook for People Converting to Judaism and for their Family and Friends, by Anita Diamant

Choosing Judaism (revised edition) by Lydia Kukoff

Every Person's Guide to Judaism, Stephen J. Einstein and Lydia Kukoff

Basic Judaism, by Rabbi Milton Steinberg

Gates of Shabbat: A Guide for Observing Shabbat, by Mark Dov Shapiro

To Be A Jew:  A Guide to Jewish Observance in Contemporary Life, by Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin

Entering Jewish Prayer:  A Guide to Personal Devotion and the Worship Service, by Reuven Hammer