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This is based on personal experience and talking with other Jews by Choice.

  • Feel free to meet with different Rabbis.  I grew up fearing the clergy in my previous religion.  Rabbis are teachers, therefore you should feel comfortable learning with them.  It is almost like looking for a good college professor, find one who inspires you and who challenges you to learn.
  • Look at the different Jewish Movements Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative, and Orthodox.  Not all synagogues are alike even if they are from the same movement.  
  • Find the movement and Rabbi combination that is most comfortable for you.
  • There is no pressure!  Jews do not try to convert you or evangelize.  You can feel free to explore different synagogues and no one will be pushing you.  If someone is pushing you, they are probably coming from something other than real Judaism.
  • Read, more on this later, but I don't want to leave you hanging...a good starter book and an easy read:  "What Is A Jew? A Guide to the Beliefs, Traditions, and Practices of Judaism that Answers Questions for both Jew and Non-Jew"  by Rabbi Morris N. Kertzer.  This is an easy read and is easy to obtain on-line from the typical places such as Barnes and Noble, Borders or Amazon.
Above painting by Robert Dohar.